March 31, 2020

Lessons on Digital Identity

John Forest
  1. How do you present yourself: The internet is an online repository that will survive long after you do. Making sure that you make yourself look good on the internet is important. It can effect things like job prospects and potential relationships.
  2. Keep up with your presentation: Keeping your profile up to date is super important. If you have out-of-date information on your blog or profile, you are not reaching your full online potential.
  3. Know your audience: Who are you writing for? Who are you presenting yourself for? What is the purpose? These are all questions that need to be answered. If you don’t, your project will get lost in the ever evolving slew of information that is the internet.
  4. Keep your skills and knowledge updated: learning new tools, like adobe creative cloud, Microsoft word, the basics of coding, slack, WordPress, and many others will keep your skills relevant. If you can’t do this, or find that this is below you, the internet will evolve without you.
  5. Safeguard private information: Don’t give the internet anything you wouldn’t give a stranger walking down the street.